Holly Jones is the main antagonist of the 2013 thriller film Prisoners . After being released from prison in 2012, Ms. Deane-Jones was given a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and is now employed as an Uber driver. Thanks. Glad that came through for you! Wow, I suppose Im late to the party because I only just watched it on Netflix. Chris, you have written a very good essay, and most of your explanations are sound and thoughtful. You have another piece of the puzzle with which to unlock the deeper thematic intentions and questions of Prisoners. The notion of a prison recurs so often. While Kellers actions was clearly out of line especially considering that he was basically talking to someone who is practically a child (mentally), what I am concerned about is if Keller should be punished severely for his actions given what he has knows about Alex from being sure that Alex knows the location of his daughter from singing their song and he told him in the parking lot, along side with harming the dog, he had a very strong case of suspecting him and the police didnt seem to have made enough effort to dig more after him and seem to question Kellers sanity. When Keller left the hospital, he went to Hollys house. My question is who is the person that Joy sees in her flashback? Hi Chris I shall watch it again. Thank you very much for writing this I came here trying to find something about the prominence of trees in the movie, because I noticed them but could not really figure it out. Investigators from the Texas Attorney General's office walked into Holly's workplace on Tuesday and. So while Alex not confessing what happened to Keller could seem crazy, its in-line with how Prisoners shows other victims of abduction struggling to express themselves. Finally, when Lokis at Hollys house, suspicious because he thinks Keller might be there and might have done something awful, he sees the picture in the bedroom. Keeping the source of these character names in mind, if you re-watch Prisoners you definitely pick up on some thematic subtext involving religion. None of us really wanted to do that version, but we wanted to make sure we had it in case once the film was put together it seemed like it really needed it. And how could he know where the girls lived in the first place? The question is will he put it all together and solve the puzzle? But IMO the explanations for Taylors weird actions do not hold together upon close scrutiny. Thank you! Holly Jones is the main antagonist of the 2013 thriller film Prisoners. Into the frame comes the barrel of a shotgun. Alex/Barry's caretaker What is the connection between the snakes and girls clothes as well as the gaze in the boxes of the home of Taylor. High intelligenceGunmanship Themes are developed through motifs. Especially in a building that has so many issues. Enter the letters and numbers from the image: Please note -- this site only provides general search information. The simplest answer is just Theyre in shock and that makes memory difficult. Because its actually something the girls had, how else would it get there? But he was released in 1995 after serving less than three years of his sentence. Other questions. A lot of hot-headed guys losing their minds and screwing things up in this movie. Not everything is clever or meaningful. Why does that trigger a flashback where she thinks he was there? Holly Jones Community Partnership & Outreach Coordinator at North Carolina Department of Justice Asheville, North Carolina, United States 3K followers 500+ connections Join to connect North. What ending do we choose? Whether thats the death of a child, the loss of faith in God, discovering a parent who has committed suicide, murdering a murderer, having your child abducted, torturing someone you know is guilty but wont confess, or a high-stakes job where lives are on the line. Compare that to Bob. She clearly loved her son so much since his death broke her sanity and stripped her of any morals. Great analysis!! Its a solid theory. This is the father of Alex or Bob Taylor. With all the opportunity to gush to the police about what happenedhe stays silent. And I also found this thread by Chris by chance. Keller needs someone to find him and pull him out of that pit, but he also needs that whistle thats only down there because his daughter was down there because she got kidnapped looking for it, though he gave it to her for her rescue so many months or years ago. One is thematic, the other iswellfor lack of a better word, pretentious. Leo also requested the props assistants to avoid cleaning her glasses after each day's shooting. Holly's parents. Even without dogs, in all the time spent around the aunts house no one noticed there were tracks behind an old supposedly non-functioning car? Ive had that happen and few times and it sticks with you. They see hes down there. He always closes a case and he said he would find Keller, 2. Maybe out of fear? Pearl, MS 39208. She has no problem with killing or torturing, even children as per her M.O., and seems to embrace this side of her. The Bob Taylor detail was one I didnt include in why response. Im glad it was helpful! As for Keller going to prison I mean we would need modern examples of this type of situation. And the hidden basement with the hole in the ground. AuntMrs. I cant remember if he was listed above in the list of prisoners now but I was thinking Kellers Son Ralph is a prisoner too. trying to mimic where the pit is in Hollys yard (where Holly puts Keller and Keller finds the whistle). Holly bedroht ihn jedoch mit einer Waffe und sperrt ihn in ein unterirdisches Loch . Wow, that was so helpful. Why didnt Loki look into it more? But the worst plot hole is that nobody figured out that the clothes which were found in Taylors possession were not worn by the girls at the time of their abduction. Compare this to other crime thrillers like Silence of the Lambs or Seven or Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Maybe you still disagree though. Let me know how the re-watch goes! Even though you assume thats whats probably going to happen, I like that theres a small chance that hes not going to get him out of there for whatever reason.. Rewatched the movie while reading this and you really nailed it. Prisoners is about spirituality and the complicated nature we have with spirituality. Loki will find Keller and Keller will be rescued by someone else and face that new realization that he could never have been a self sufficient island unto himself and his family. This piece is wonderful contextualises and puts in words what the movie does not so Thank you bc I enjoyed the read v much. Alex suffered so hes kind of relishing in causing someone else to hurt. It made writing the piece very cathartic. Please direct any questions regarding the information obtained on this site to the DOC . I just finished watching the movie and was looking for an explanation, and this is just amazing, thank you for your analysis and thanks for all the comments, what an incredible movie. Specific questions about an offender's status should be addressed to the institutional caseworker or the Probation and Parole field officer. The current owners would would have been creeped out. Alex knows where the children are, but if he wants his Aunt in jail, and therefore stopped for good, he cant tellso its complicated. That line would be an in-road that provides the necessary context to understanding why the book has such a devastating impact on her. Alex, terrified, drives away from the home. One of these underground people tells a shocked family, Were Americans. After that information, the title, Us, can be read as US, or U.S., or United States. He was subsequently killed by the priest, who threw the body into the church's basement. I believe that Loki will save Keller. What a coincidence that Joys last name is Birch (a very common tree in America). They move the car. Were left with the question of, Does Loki save Keller or not? Maybe the most impressive thing to me about Prisoners is that almost everything that happens in the movie is a clue for Loki. Also, the first time we see the girls outside theyre wearing gloves. Or the DA who brought the charges would lose their next election lol. I have kids and if they were ever kidnapped I would pick them being killed than for them to do what Alex did. Which led to Kellers survival mindset. Something like that. Thats cool, thats interesting. Yet he still lives with Holly. Weve talked a lot about prisons already, so this might be repetitious to you. Bob Taylor survived his abduction but cant move beyond the trauma of it. The album finishes with the very first line from the first song: So I was takin a walk the other day Its a line that begins a situation where Kendrick gets shot and killed. CSP-SAC is on 882 acres, sharing this property with Folsom State Prison, Folsom Women's Facility, and California Prison Industry Authority. Though, as the movies ends before Loki saves Keller, that sense of catharsis is something Prisoners denies us. I think your quote from Villeneuve about the trees as silent witnesses supports this. Im sorry I just saw this. Youd worry that hed maybe keep trying to do take kids. Keller tells Ralph he isnt allowed to leave the house, he has to be an adult stay home and make sure Grace doesnt see the news. Hi Chris,what a great review. I believe the drug Holly was injecting into Anna was ketamine. Which creates that idea of the loop. The number of prisoners held in private facilities accounts 128,300 inmates US has 1,393,975 male and 111,422 female prisoners US Imprisonment Rate is 450 people per 100.000 residents, 847 for males and 64 for females The majority of the inmates - 16.3% are between 30-34 years of age Maybe the newspaper article was premature (but then why show it)? With the motifs in mind, we can finally get to what I think is the most interesting thing about Prisoners. Bridger is serving a full . Who knows! How does one start to put into words something thats as cosmically horrific as being stolen and everything that follows? TORONTO - Police in Toronto on Friday arrested a 35-year-old man and charged him in connection with the killing of 10-year-old Holly Jones. Instead, it purposefully scatters important details throughout the story, without chronological context, meaning its easy to forget them or not connect them the way we should connect them. Political party: Democrat. They are from USC, UCLA, Columbia, Yale, and Chapman University. . Is arrested as the prime suspect. Is the father a sex offender himself? Look Up An Inmate Jones County NC Jail. Records Dept. And it never really changed. The 10-year-old girl was raped and murdered by Michael Briere, her dismembered body eventually found where the 35-year-old software developer had disposed of it, in two bags floating in Lake Ontario. Psychological imprisonment: Alex and Bob Taylor both suffer from the trauma of their kidnapping. Im usually pretty pedantic about things like this. That was a great analysis. Alex might have just been referring to Hollys husband who did go missing and who Holly and Alex were both wondering if hed ever come back. So, Loki had been investigating the house that the RV was parked in front of and he found out it was once the home of a couple whose son, Barry Coyler, went missing. Or the sum of other religions being in service to the Christian God? Kellers faith in preparation creates a chain of events that causes his daughter to leave a whistle in the hole in Hollys yard. Theyre kind of like ghost characters, director Denis Villeneuve said of the recurring motif of trees in the film; as we said earlier, like silent witnesses to the various violent crimes in the movie. It references Loki killing Holly as detective David Loki. What a coincidence that the character with that name ends the movie in a hole in the ground?! And how do we make sense of the miracles in our lives? They invoke Gods name. 303 East Church Street Post Office Box 69 919-894-3616 919-894-2091 . (Though it is mentioned it was a small accident, and that Alex was merely afraid of them.) Holly Jones. The pretentious stuff gets at the construction of the story. This might be seen as an act of destruction, but also as a noble act of creation. Prisoners is even more interesting after your explanation. People are complicated. We see many crosses. If you skipped right to his section, welcome! Find latests mugshots and bookings from Abilene and other local cities. Also isnt the name Keller, too close to killer? Holly Jones (Prisoners) Keller Dover; Please check the notes for additional warnings! I just finished my second viewing, I saw it a long time ago. Her character is the embodiment of the spiritual crisis the Joneses hope to enact. Holly Maria Jones (September 14, 1992 - May 12, 2003) [1] was a 10-year-old child abduction and murder victim from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Which is why he ends up taking his own life. I assumed that it was Bob and he was referring to when he was captured by the police in the van at the rest stop. Why? Prisoners is a 2013 American mystery thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve from a screenplay written by Aaron Guzikowski. I have made a discovery of hidden symbols in movies. So maybe in the end Loki does save Keller because Keller keeps blowing the whistle. Ten-year-old Holly Jones disappears after walking her friend home in her Toronto neighbourhood. I have a question about the scene where Joy said: that Keller was there too. By not showing Kellers rescue, were left with a choice: do we have faith in Loki or dont we? Mike Tyson made a boxing return in 2020 when he fought fellow Hall of Famer Roy Jones Jr Credit: EPA. Police lay murder charge in Holly Jones case. And Im pretty sure Holly Joness original kid was named Alex? What is the game detail? The address where Alex parked the RV was his old house. Suspect Arrested in Holly Jones Murder. Then, they became serial child murderers intent to "wage a war with God" by turning the parents of their victims into grief-stricken demons. Alex and Keller will probably go to jail. Huntley, a former school caretaker killed schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002 after they went missing from a family BBQ. July 10, 2021 Investigation Discovery's 'The Lake Erie Murders: Blood in the Water' chronicles the brutal killing of 10-year-old Holly Jones in Ontario, Canada. It is the key that ties the entire movie together. The book was originally a work of fiction (I think there is something said about the book not making sense or being nonsense. That idea is expressed in Robert Frosts Birches and also the Blackfoot myth Why the Birch Tree Wears the Slashes in Its Bark. No one ever says out loud, THAT WAS HER HUSBAND! They could have. I searched for more movies with the actor Jack G after watching Nortunal Animals. Even though Taylor lives somewhere else, it seems all he thinks about is Holly and her husband. So he definitely has a cruel streak. Almost a hundred years later, it can be pretty seamless. Residence: Asheville. The same way Holly and her husband lost their kid so started inflicting pain on others. I believe that Loki will find and rescue Keller because: 1. Ill watch again with a fresh mind. Youre so thorough and the ending is brilliant. This is done in order to have Prisoners become a narrative maze. He was a fundamentalist, right? I've been taking it for four or five years. And can be argued is another example of being in a prison. Which is why Keller knows to go back there, because its the only place hes been that Joy could have possibly been. Thanks, Warren! It made me wonder if he also was carrying around some past trauma. How fitting we have a character named Grace, a word typically associated with Gods favor. Three years later, as he was serving a 23-year prison sentence at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., Jones failed to report for a prison check after working in a . Today, a family and community tell how a much-loved 10-year-old brought them. Door handle: Loki checks handles a couple times. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Then you will see that what Im saying is absolutely true. Reading what you wrote got me thinking if there is another layer to the way the trees relate to Kellers profession as a carpenter. Blaming God for not saving him, they "waged a war with God" and sought to make others feel their pain. But, yeah, seems to be one of those suspension of disbelief things that has become implicit to the whole artistic form. Not saying it isnt annoying. Diego. Taylor remembered the snakes, and it was Hollys husband who had the obsession, so it makes sense that we dont see them again in the film at Hollys house. Fantino calls for "Software Developer" Data Bank. Thanks! Denis Villeneuve's "Prisoners" does not go that route. So you could try and argue that it just means the girls didnt struggle. I could go to China and be fine, obviously . Our inmate population consists of people awaiting trial for violating federal laws or those who have already been convicted of committing a federal crime. my city inspector wasatch county; latch board of directors; most annoying sound in the world hippo; quebec flood zone map 2019; the villa restaurant bishops stortford menu; holly jones prisoners. This is purposefully meta, as midway through the film the motif of the maze is introduced. Weve talked about Graces name. to Keller Junior is that killing is okay because the animal population needs to be maintained. Why does a seasoned police officer with no unsolved cases stare at a suspect to the point of spooking him, or sit in a roadway blocking traffic until he draws attention himself? Theres the world within a book shes reading that was written by her ex (Jake Gyllenhaal, funny enough). In Prisoners (2013) Holly Jones' house number 1634 is an apparent reference to Acts 16:16-34 the story of Paul and Silas in prison. Theres an FBI book about a serial abductor who was obsessed with mazes. This movie is called Prisoners, but the title isn't meant to simply reference Bob Taylor as a prisoner of Detective Loki, or Alex Jones as the hostage of Keller Dover, or even Anna and Joy as. Doesnt every house have duct tape in it? Holly and her husband could have found comfort in one anotherinstead their crusade ends up resulting in both of their deaths. To the point where they said the center of the entire universe was a gigantic tree named Yggdrasil. Dover seemed like a portmanteau of dove (peace) and lover. Imitates kidnapping children. A god who complicates things for other gods. I like it much better being ambiguous. Yet hes equally difficult to understand. Its full of images relating to Christian iconography and references. Because Holly cant steal children easily on her own, fewer children go missing. All he would have been able to see is Holly crouching over the girl. Thanks Chris for your work here! They were scared enough to shut down and didnt move much/touch much until Alex dropped them off. I just think thats the moment when the movie is ready to end. The priest trapping Mr. Jones in the basement to die. People cant accept freedom, they cant accept loss. It is mentioned, in the scene discussing the FBI agents book in Taylors house, that Taylor was abducted as a child but escaped after three weeks. You want that for her? That would explain why Alex/Barry and especially Bob Taylor were unable to put together their memories and what it meantmaybe making them feel responsible and guilty. Loki hadnt been able to keep up with Keller but thought he knew Keller was going to the old apartment building. The murderers are killing kids on a decades-long crusade against God because their own child died. I didnt find any particularly bad the way you did. How do you know the Birchs house is Alexs old house? The big issue every character has is with acceptance. To be fair, the idea that the clothes may have been stolen is actually never mentioned in the movie. Cheers, Declaring it likely that the girls are dead, the parents and Detective Loki all but give-up when Bob commits suicide. This writeup helped explain a few things I was uncertain of but I still found too many parts of the movie unbelievable and just plain frustrating. So when Loki discovers Alex, Holly is making Keller her prisoner. Why didnt Alex confess to the police or Keller? These factors lead me to believe that the two girls, especially Anna, are potential abusers-to-be, because of their limited speech, the abuse they suffered, and the nature of inevitable violence in the cyclical maze, where abuse encourages more abuse. What if deep down he DOES want her to go to jail! There are SO many other examples of this in the film! Spiritual imprisonment: Holly and her husband found it impossible to move beyond their belief God had wronged them. And was the name given by the Romans to Dover, England, according to DoverHistorian.com. It would also explain why the surviving victims displayed lack of speech; they were so warped by their drug-induced experiences they were no longer capable of communicatingprisoners in their own minds. A small foreshadowing detail I noticed is when Alex signs his name to be released from the police, its revealed that his middle name is Winterman which is a reference to a book by the same name by Alex Walters about a serial killer that targets children. Then the cinematography. And the imprisoned Alex Jones eventually tells his captor that the girls are, In the maze.. It seems accusatory at first mostly because its confusing. In Latin, Dubris meant waters. Happy to hear that Ayman! Thus, we know how long he was there. Thats the only way he can communicate to Loki where the girls might be, what happened to him, etc. In addition to her legislative duties, Jones works as the Business Manager for Renz Law LLC. There are a ton of changes that could be made to make this subplot more efficient and straightforward. holly jones prisoners. For some (many?) He would not have known where to find the stuff. He needs grace and so does Lokihe relies heavy on his ability to observe and pay attention to details. Whatever segment of their brain that allowed them to not think about his disappearance their entire living day cannot ever be altered or returned. Details. This would be how they have the image of the maze. Because thats exactly what these names are. And Loki was the catalyst in Taylor committing suicide. Wasnt that newspaper article about Mr Dover Snr committing suicide? Welcome to the colossal explanation of Prisoners. The story is great. The soul. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, director of photography (as Roger A. Deakins), key hairstylist (as Elizabeth 'Shawna' Robinson), make-up: Hugh Jackman (as Pamela Westmore), second second assistant director (as Michael E. Saunders), first assistant director (as Donald L. Sparks), construction medic (as Cindy Huggins R.N. So he moves the fridge and finds the body. Thats an interesting point about the zodiac signs! Blowing a whistle in order to be heard, and thus saved from dying in the hole, is the equivalent of being saved by the bell from being buried alive. That they represent Holly, right, as a tempter. Its a really great movie. Has astrological symbols tattooed on his hands. Because its complicated. I love it that youre so active in the comments and engaging with readers, it encourages me (and hopefully other readers) to revisit movies with new perspectives in mind and discuss further. MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. (TCD) -- A woman from Albertville was sentenced to 99 years in prison for charges of sodomy, sexual torture, and bestiality. Will never see the world again. So Alex wanted to meet he again and played the game. It happens to be near the Birch house, where the Dovers celebrate Thanksgiving. A character whose first scene is talking about Zodiac signs. Doesnt know what happened to him. I think, for him, hes just been unable to escape the trauma. No story in-roads are necessary because the editing/plot sequencing makes obvious the parallels between the book and the relationship. But how in the world would a jury ever find this guy guilty of anything when he saves two kids, finds/stops the biggest kidnapping ring in the country, after the police basically screwed up bad. That was still the day of Joys escape, maybe only a few hours later. In-roads arent always necessary, as many artists will use more obvious devices. Loved this article it was very educational and breaks down the film in the easily digestible way you mentioned, you untangled this maze of a movie! Lokis fellow officer brought it up that the Invisible Man used an LSD/ketamine cocktail on the victims, as described by that book. Ive got something to add: The use of the maze not not only serves as a representation of the cognitive dissonance of those abused or references the form of the information as it is laid out; it is also a cyclical device to show the nature of violence (as Kassovitz said, la Haine attire la Haine, or hate breeds hate). Hobby Grace completely falls apart in the wake of Annas disappearance, to the point of being non-functioning. document.getElementById( "ak_js_3" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. And what if he does! Hey! Thank you! But at the start of the song, theres an intro that concludes with, We gon put it in reverse. Then near the end of the song, Kendrick raps, Pay attention, that one decision, changed both of they lives/One curse at a time/Reverse the manifest and good karmaBecause if Anthony killed Ducky, Top Dawg could be serving life/While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight. Theres a gunshot and the sound of audio reversing with lyrics from earlier tracks playing backwards. Man, I didnt even think about the carpenter thing. Or in the movie Us, we have subterranean beings created by the government. Glad you liked the movie! I want to watch the film again. Another factor here is Alexs real parents who have been prisoners of the situation basically having what should be the greatest day of their lives finding of their lost son become almost a bigger tragedy than losing him. I was confused when Alex said that he was waiting for a man to come back and he never did. In their reign, there were only two known survivors, Bob Taylor and Barry. Meaning its on the viewer to actively complete the few missing pieces of the puzzle. Loki the trickster would be best able to figure out a maze (tricks) that bad people do/commit. That kind of foreshadowing is done for a reason. Why didnt the priest report him to the authorities at the time? Texas Department of Criminal Justice | PO Box 99 | Huntsville, Texas 77342-0099 | (936) 295-6371
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