Frequently Asked Questions
1. When is Bazooka Rocks III Festival?

August 30 to 31, 2014 (Saturday and Sunday)

2. Where will the Festival be held?

SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City (See Location on our Guide page)

3. What is Bazooka Rocks Festival?

Visit our About page to know everything you need to know about BAZOOKA ROCKS Festival.

4. Is re-entry allowed during the duration of the Festival?

Yes. You may come and go as you please. Schedules will be posted on the website when festival is near. Check it out regularly, so you know when it's your favorite band playing.

5. Do you have Lost & Found in the Festival?

Yes. It is located by the Baggage Counter.

6. What are your attractions this year?

Like every year, we have lots of fun things to do inside the Festival aside from the full length concerts, the food booths and picnic area.

Happy Zoo - ride the electronic animals around the venue

Game Center - play arcade games

The Old School Carnival Game Booths and FREE Giant Slide

What's going to be new this year, is that we have a FREE Make Up corner where you can cover yourself in GLOW IN THE DARK paint and be ready when the Black Lights turns ON!

Oh, we also have our Tunnel of Alice to enjoy :)

7. Will alcohol be served at the venue?

Yes. But for you to be able to purchase, you have to bring a VALID ID with Photo and birthdate to prove age. No ID, No Beer. (e.g. photocopy of passport, driver's license, gov't issued ID)

8. What time do the festival gates open?

Gates open at 12noon. And it usually runs til the last band performs. Come back and check this website regularly for updates.

9. What do I need to enter the Festival?

You need your SM TICKETS Ticket to exchange for a wristband. The wristband will give you access to the venue entrance. Please also check out our list of CAN and CANNOT bring to avoid inconvenience.

10. Can I bring Food & Drinks?

Outside food is not allowed. But small snacks like candies, chocolates, nuts in small quantities are allowed. No outside drinks of any kind is allowed. There are lots of dining options inside the venue. Don't worry. They are very affordable, too.

11. I have a big bag, is there a place I can leave my things?

Yes, we do have a BAGGAGE COUNTER. Although, priority is given to PULP ROYALS, as long as there is still space, we can accommodate your bags too :)

12. Will I be able to charge my phone and digital cameras inside the Festival?

Yes. We have charging stations inside the venue, just bring your own charger.

13. What if I get tired, are there seating areas?

Yes. There are resting areas where you can stay and rest when tired.

14. It is my first time to attend a festival. Is there a Guide Map that I can see so I can print out?

Yes. Kindly check out our GUIDE and you can find everything you need to know there. If it's not there now, constantly check back as we continue to update the site.

15. What kind of camera can I bring?

No DSLR cameras are allowed. You can bring personal point & shoot cameras only.

16. I wanna bring something but I am not sure if it is allowed, it is not listed in the CAN bring and CANNOT bring. What do I do?

You can take a photo of it and email us at and show it to us so we can check if you can bring it or not :)

17. How early should I fall in line?

We do not encourage you to line up too early as you may get tired from waiting. Remember, gates open at 12 noon and we will start with the first band at 1:30pm.

18. Will you have Bands Merch Booth Visits again like every year?

Yes. And as always, schedules will be posted when it's near.

19. It's my first festival/concert ever, and I need help how to purchase my ticket. Please Help.

We'll be happy to assist you. Kindly email us at or call us at 727-4957 and look for Grace so we can help you with your concerns.

20. I have a question that's not on this page, what do I do?

We'll be happy to assist you. Kindly email us at or call us at 727-4957 and look for Grace so we can help you with your concerns.