Bazooka Rocks 2012

Featuring 12 amazing bands!

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Directions to the Monster's Lair

From the North:
Option 1:   Quickest way to commute is by riding the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) Blue Line southbound. You can go down at the Taft Avenue Station and then either ride a bus bound for SM Mall of Asia or Baclaran or take a jeepney bound for SM Mall of Asia on the intersection below the terminal.

Option 2:   You can also just take a bus going to Pasay/MOA if you are not pressed for time. *Take note that there's a special jeepney that passes through Pasong Tamo, particularly Waltermart and Don Bosco and then goes to Osmena (South Super Highway), then turns to EDSA to go to MOA. These are special trips that you might be able to spot.

From the South:
If you are coming from Alabang or any area from the south, you can take the jeepney going to Pasay Rotonda and then take the jeepney or bus under the Taft Avenue MRT station.

If you are coming from the Manila/Caloocan area or near the LRT stations, the best way is to take the Light Rail Transit (LRT) southbound and go down at the EDSA-Taft Avenue station, use the footbridge that connects the LRT station to the MRT station and then ride a jeepney or bus going to SM MOA, signboard is SM Mall of Asia, of course. Also, there are jeepneys via Taft Avenue that go straight to MOA.

For private vehicles:
SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia is at the southern tip of EDSA so it is very easy to get to the area (check out map below). Just be sure to brave the traffic during rush hours if you are coming from the north and Makati area. Parking is available in and around Mall of Asia.

What is a Fast Pass?

  • ✔Serves as an assurance for Meet & Greet with your Chosen Band.
  • ✔ Not Valid as Entrance to the Venue. You need a ticket to enter, FAST PASS is merely a perk/add-on.
  • ✔ Meet & Greet Schedules are posted at the Merch Booth in the Event.
  • ✔ Meet & Greet can be talking with the band, signing of autographs, photo op or hug... it depends on the bands mood on the day and varies per person. Depends on your diskarte as well, you just gotta move fast.
  • ✔ You are responsible for your own M&G Schedule, we do not hold responsibility if you miss your scheduled time.
  • ✔ Fast Pass merely helps you be infront of the line and be assured that whatever happens, you will Meet & Greet your chosen band.
  • ✔ All M&G sessions are filmed on video. You will receive a copy for souvenir after the event.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Prohibited Items
1. Where can I buy tickets?
2. Are Tickets also available in PULP HQ?
3. Can I leave the Festival and come back later?
4. When do the gates open? What time exactly does show start?
5. Where is SMX Convention Center located?
6. What time does the Festival end?
7. Can I go home earlier?
8. Is smoking allowed in the Festival?
9. I am a parent. Can I get a complimentary pass so I can chaperone my kids?
10. Is there group discount?
11. Can I bring my pet to the Festival?
12. Do you have seating provisions for people to sit on when they're tired?
13. Who do I call if I have lost or if I have found an item in the Festival?
14. Will there be band merch in the venue?
15. Do you accept credit cards during the Festival?
16. What outfit is best to wear for the Festival?
17. Can I bring SLR cameras to the Festival?
18. Can I bring banners for the bands?
19. Can I bring my standee? my inflatables? my toys? my guitar for signing? anything?
20. If I have a problem and I need help with anything, who can I call/approach?

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